For Veterinary Healthcare Teams

Emeraid for a wide variety of animalsWill the next debilitated patient presented to your practice be an Amazon parrot, a ferret, a dog, or a cat? Veterinary healthcare teams are presented with difficult emergencies everyday, and EmerAid is designed to provide nutrition for critical care to a wide variety of species.


Saving The Critical Patient

Emergency medicine often involves the care of patients that have “crashed”:  animals that are weak, depressed, malnourished, or severely debilitated. Nutrition is a vital part of critical care medicine, and yet the process of digesting, absorbing, and assimilating nutrients often requires energy that the critical patient does not have to spare. EmerAid provides intensive care nutrition for these patients in the form of a semi-elemental diet. Nutrients are provided in a simplified form allowing the body to quickly digest and absorb the nutrients, thus sparing the patient’s already over-taxed resources.

The nutritional status of your patient can affect long-term prognosis, and nutrition for critical care should be started as soon as possible – especially if enteral feeding is safe and practical. EmerAid formulations are particularly well-suited for the critical patient because they are a semi-elemental diet. Elemental nutrition means that the patient does not use its limited energy stores for assimilation of nutrients, however completely elemental diets are often associated with osmotic diarrhea. The semi-elemental nature of EmerAid means that the diet passes gently through the gastrointestinal tract and the patient utilizes the nutrients from the diet needed in debilitated states.


“How to” Guides


Download charts, documents and other informational graphics for your veterinary office needs.

Canine And Feline Exotic And Wildlife
EmerAid HDN Literature 6 Panel (4.5 MB)
Our comprehensive Canine and Feline Feeding Guide
Exotics Basic Use Guide (7 MB)
Our comprehensive brochure on Exotic EmerAid use
Feline Intensive Care HDN Quick Reference Guide (1 MB)EmerAid IC Herbivore And EmerAid Sustain Herbivore (2 MB)
Feline Sustain Care HDN Quick Reference Guide (1 MB)EmerAid Feeding Guidelines for Exotics & Wildlife Patients (7.7 MB)
Although these feeding guidelines are older, they also include a more extensive list of feeding recommendations for wildlife patients.
Feline Intensive Care HDN Kidney Feeding Guide (2 MB)Wildlife Wall Chart (494k PDF)
A 1-page version of our EmerAid Feeding guidelines featuring commonly seen wildlife species.
Canine Intensive Care HDN Quick Reference Guide (1 MB)
Canine Sustain Care HDN Quick Reference Guide (1 MB)
HDN Bites Quick Reference Guide (3 MB)
How Long Will A Bag Of EmerAid Canine Or Feline Last? (2 MB)