As a veterinarian-owned company, we take pride in our high quality emergency and recovery formulas. Developed by nutritionists and veterinarians, our nutrition for critical care is specialized to help save animals’ lives.

Our emergency and recovery formulas are semi-elemental, composed of the basic building blocks of nutrition, which allows debilitated patients to absorb and assimilate the nutrients faster and easier. For dogs and cats, we have separate nutrition for critical care systems to cater to their particular species’ nutritional needs. For exotics, we have our Exotic System for exotic critical care that allows veterinary professionals to create a specialized formula for their critically-ill exotic patient.

“We have seen no complications of diarrhea as commonly seen with other [cat and dog] NG tube diets. The diet is easy to administer via the NG tube.”

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EmerAid System For Exotic Animal Critical Care

Intensive Care Herbivore
Sustain Herbivore
Sustain Herbivore
Intensive Care Carnivore
Intensive care Omnivore
Intensive care Piscivore

Veterinary Professionals

EmerAid’s success relies on the expertise of the veterinary team.
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Where to buy EmerAid

Where to Buy EmerAid

These products are for veterinarian-use only.
Ask your veterinarian which formula is right for your pet.