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    Sustain HDN (Highly Digestible Nutrition) helps elderly dogs who have difficulty digesting or absorbing nutrients. Without balanced and easy-to-digest nutrients in their food, elderly dogs can experience weight loss, low activity, dog Alzheimer’s, and poor appetite.

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Sustain HDN (Highly Digestible Nutrition) is a nutritionally balanced food designed to support cats and dogs that are recovering from critical illness, suffering from chronic medical conditions or experiencing elderly age symptoms such as loss in weight, appetite, and energy.

stops or dramatically reduces diarrhea
encourages your pet to eat their full meal
increases energy for an active lifestyle
promotes lean body weight and muscle mass
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Available in 100-gram, 400-gram and 2kg packages
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6 easy ways to feed

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In a bowl
In a syringe
As an HDN bite
On top of regular food
Gravy on top of food

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“EmerAid saved Penny with megaesophagus”

Penny always struggled with weight gain and lack of nutrition because of her megaesophagus. We even had to make an appointment to put her down because she was in such bad shape. Thanks to EmerAid, she’s now way better, and I’m so unbelievably grateful that I didn’t go through with it. Thank you so much!

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