Shelter Discount

Not all domestic animals have owners to provide funding for their medical and nutritional needs. There are veterinarians, veterinary nurses and other amazing staff of shelters and rescues that are challenged with the task of providing much-needed care to these homeless pets. We believe that each corporation has the responsibility to charitably help make the world a better place in some tangible way.

Lafeber Company offers its EmerAid products to nonprofit shelter organizations with an active 501(c)(3) at a 50% discount off veterinary pricing.
In order to qualify for this program the shelter must provide the following:

  1. A completed Shelter Survey that can be filled out online below
  2. Copies of 501(c)(3) scanned and emailed as directed, after survey is reviewed.
  3. Provide at least 6 short stories (2 sentences to 2 paragraphs long) within one calendar year of signing up (and 6 each year thereafter) to be used on the EmerAid website and/or EmerAid Social media page with photos and/or video included. If you include a video of at least 30 seconds that submission will count for 2 of your required stories.
    1. Include location and reason/condition for admission to shelter
    2. Include name and age of patient, if available
    3. If available include admission weight and weight at time of story submission or release weight
    4. Note in text or show in photo/video which EmerAid product was used
  4. Submit the signed Product not for Resale form that will be provided to you after your survey is reviewed.

Additional Benefit to Shelters: To earn $50 credit toward EmerAid purchases (this is not required to keep your nonprofit discount account)
Details on what the shelter must provide and the benefit gained:

    1. 1. Write a case study-style article that will be posted on It must provide the following:

      • 500 to 700 words
      • Include location and reason/condition for admission to shelter
      • Include name/number/description and age of patient(s), if possible
      • If available, include admission weight and weight either at the time of the story submission or the time of release (whichever comes first)
      • EmerAid Product having been used as a part of the protocol. Note in text or show in photo/video which EmerAid product was used.
      • Photos/video of patient before and after treatment. Submit these separately from text, not embedded in a Word document or slide show. Photos and videos during treatment would also be appreciated.
      • Description of feeding protocol (frequency, amount, and duration EmerAid was used)
      • Description of treatment protocol (medications, fluids, etc.)
      • Link to your website and/or social media if desired
      • Submit to
      • If you’d like to view an example, please see this article.

2. Benefit to Shelter

    • Each article will provide a credit of $50 to be applied toward future EmerAid purchases (equivalent of a 2Kg bag of EmerAid – shelter cost)

Shelter discount application

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