Two Degus Unable To Eat Get Help From “Miracle Food” EmerAid

This story was shared by Mandy Bacon of Degu Heaven Sanctuary, East Midlands, United Kingdom.

four photos of degus that are illI run a rescue for degus and have quite a few ill degus come in that need special care. I used another critical nutrition brand for years, but then I had two little girls who had major health problems — one with continued bloat and breathing problems, and the other with mouth issues and maintaining weight gain. They lost so much weight because they couldn’t eat normal degu food. They even found it difficult to eat the amount of critical nutrition via syringe they needed to stay alive.

As they deteriorated, I begged friends for ideas to what else I could do to help them. A friend from another rescue told me about this “magical food” EmerAid Intensive Care Herbivore that worked wonders for her pets who needed urgent care. She told me it was the best thing, because the animal didn’t need to eat large amounts in order to get all the nourishment needed.

I bought some and began feeding only 5 ml three times a day, then offered more as they became more able to eat. I was amazed at how quickly my degus began to feel better and started to gain weight. My vet, whom I had talked to about letting them go to the Bridge, couldn’t believe the improvement in them. I told her all about this magic food.

I am happy to say that my two ill degus are fit and well, living life to the full. I never thought I would see them happy and pain-free ever again. I’m so grateful to my friend who told me about this miracle food and the company that makes it. I will always use it from now on for all my degus and chinchillas doing poorly. I know now it’s the best of the best for them.