EmerAid Gives Bearded Dragon With Mysterious GI Illness Time To Recover

bearded dragon eating EmerAidThe following story was shared by Michiko Wallace, a certified veterinary technician, who cares for Falkor with her husband.

I adopted a bearded dragon from a pseudo-rescue at the end of 2017. I have only taken care of snakes previously, so bearded dragons were a new species for me. My husband and I quickly fell in love with his quirky personality, and my husband named him Falkor.

Falkor’s Mysterious Health Problem

After we adopted Falkor, we noticed that it took him almost a week to have a bowel movement. We equated it to stress from the new circumstances and did all the recommendations of soaking, feeding hydrated food items, etc. It soon became apparent to us that this was more than just a stress-induced GI upset. Falkor slowly lost his appetite, became completely anorexic, and produced no bowel movements.

After we noticed the weight loss we took him to our veterinarian. After running bloodwork and X-rays on him, no apparent cause for his illness was found. Without a fecal sample, it was decided to preventatively de-worm him for some of the common GI parasites that reptiles tend to have. This didn’t seem to produce an immediate resolution.

EmerAid Keeps Weight On Falkor As Search Continues To Cure Him

Because of his low weight, we began to supplement his free-feeding with EmerAid Herbivore Intensive Care. We started syringe feeding him, but he didn’t seem to be a fan of this. We could feed him a small amount, but he struggled so much that it didn’t seem worth it. After some trial and error we realized that he loved the feeding formula, just not the syringe. We began to feed the EmerAid to him off a spoon. He readily drank up the formula. After just a few days, we saw a weight gain.

We decided to switch from the Herbivore Intensive Care to the Herbivore Sustain based on our veterinarian’s recommendations. The Sustain has a higher fiber content, and we wanted to get his gut working again. As it turned out, he loved the Herbivore Sustain even more!

Falkor spent about nine months not eating, having to be manually “expressed” to poop, and had more tests and more treatments. We were sure that we would need to euthanize him, but we just kept giving him more time because he never lost his mental alertness, and, he gained all his weight back with the EmerAid.

Good Health Returns!

One day he just pooped, and he’s been pooping ever since! We still have a bag of the EmerAid Herbivore on the shelf “just in case,” but he is eating, pooping, and doing great. Using the EmerAid Sustain as a nutrition tool to get us through his illness helped us keep weight on him, and it didn’t hurt that he absolutely loved it — as you can see in the video!