Tender Care And EmerAid Help When An Injured Cottontail Rabbit Refuses To Eat

eastern cottontail rabbit being hand-fedThe following story was shared with us by Wildlife Welfare Inc. in North Carolina.

This young, 220-gram (about 7.7 ounce) Eastern cottontail rabbit came to me with a head injury. It was started on Metacam and trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole, and given a feeding solution for hydration. The bunny subsequently refused to eat greens or any other food that was offered to it.

EmerAid Herbivore was prepared and given via syringe. The animal was unsure of this new experience at first, but quickly decided that he liked it and was willing to accept this source of food without much trepidation.

Without the EmerAid Herbivore I’m not sure that I would have had a successful outcome with this little one. EmerAid Herbivore provided all of the nutrients that he needed to heal during the time that he was unwilling to feed himself. This Eastern cottontail rabbit completely recovered and was released approximately three weeks later weighing almost 300 grams (about 10.6 ounces).