Severely Injured Squirrel Begins Long Road To Recovery

Eastern gray squirrel with face injuriesThe following story was shared with us by Carolina Wildlife Conservation Center in North Carolina.

Mr. Sausage, the Eastern gray squirrel, was attacked by a predator and left to die, but a Good Samaritan walking her dog found him. He was dehydrated, his body condition was thin, and he was, of course, in shock. We do not know how long he had been lying there suffering.

He suffered multiple bite wounds to the upper portion of his body and face. We believe he was also suffering from a brachial plexus injury; therefore, experiencing neurological damage to his spine and shoulder area. He was unable to sit upright and was in a fetal position.

After allowing his body to warm, he received pain medication and antibiotics to fight the severe infection. Wound treatment was initiated but would require ongoing treatments, along with proper hydration.

Sausage was unable to eat on his own; therefore, we decided to syringe-feed him EmerAid Intensive Care Omnivore. We knew his body needed the nutrition but did not have a lot of energy to spend on digestion. EmerAid Omnivore is easy to digest, allowing the body to absorb the nutrients without exerting energy, which allows the body to focus on healing. He seemed to like the taste and easily accepted it. We introduced blended rodent block and some EmerAid Intensive Care Herbivore into his feedings, which he has been enjoying.

Sausage has made some neurological improvements by flexing his back, moving his arms, and trying to groom his face; however, he is still unable to sit up. He has a long rehab in front of him, but we have hope he will make a full recovery. We take comfort in knowing his body is receiving the nutrition he needs to make his recovery thanks to EmerAid.