Great Blue Heron Entangled In String Flies Free

great blue heron standing on perch in cageThe following story was shared with us by The Avian Conservation Center in South Carolina.

This great blue heron was admitted to the Avian Conservation Center after concerned citizens found him with pieces of string or fabric entangled around his beak. They were able to remove this fabric, but knew he needed further assistance.

When he arrived at the Avian Conservation Center in Awendaw, South Carolina, he was extremely emaciated, anemic, had a parasite infestation and was struggling to regulate his temperature. Great blue herons suffer extremely high stress in captivity as well, and his future was uncertain.

The staff at the Avian Conservation Center was able to provide him with subcutaneous fluids as well as EmerAid Intensive Care three times a day while he stabilized. After two days of EmerAid, he began receiving a fish slurry, which still contained some EmerAid, three times a day.

As his temperature regulated and his blood values improved, he began being treated for his parasite infestation. While this was occurring he continued to receive fish slurry, but was also given a few small meals a day which he ate readily.

His condition continued to improve and he was able to eat full meals and move to an outdoor enclosure while continuing treatment, allowing him to regain strength needed for release.