A Dazed And Emaciated Pigeon Recovers

pigeon standingThe following story was shared with us by Olive’s Place Dove & Pigeon Sanctuary, Inc. in Oklahoma.

An adult pigeon was brought to Olive’s Place Dove & Pigeon Sanctuary, presenting with dazed behavior and emaciation. A window strike was suspected. EmerAid was used to supplement the bird for the first day — 20mL every 6 to 8 hours. After this, the pigeon was eating proficiently.

The pigeon gained weight and was preparing for release, but suddenly showed lack of coordination and neurological symptoms. She began antibiotic treatment for infection, and was supplemented with EmerAid for six days as she regained coordination and once again could self-feed. She has since maintained and improved her body condition, and she is awaiting good weather for release.