Wild Turkey Survives Flying Into Truck Grille

photo collage of turkey rescued from truck grilleThis story was shared by Gold Country Wildlife Rescue in Auburn, California.

Patient number 19-98 is a female wild turkey that came to Gold Country Wildlife Rescue after having flown into the grille of a truck that was driving in Rancho Cordova, California. This turkey was stuck in the truck’s grille, unable to move.

We had a volunteer from our organization who specializes in animal rescue go and remove the turkey. It took about two hours of careful work to accomplish. When the turkey arrived at our center she was very tired, bruised, and battered. Luckily she did not have any severe breaks. It was found that the turkey had a severe leg sprain, which was something she could heal from.

We provided the turkey with pain meds and fluids and placed her in a quiet location to recover. This turkey was too weak to eat when she first arrived in our care, so we tube fed EmerAid Intensive Care Omnivore to supplement her diet until she had the strength to begin eating on her own.

The turkey made a full recovery and was released three weeks after she arrived at our facility. When the turkey arrived she weighed 4,000 grams (8.8 pounds). Upon release she was up in weight to 4,600 grams (10.1 pounds). We were able to give this turkey a second chance at life after her unfortunate accident with this vehicle.