Weak And Injured Canada Goose Receives Help

The following story was shared by Wildlife Haven Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Canada goose being tube-fedThis Canada goose was found sitting very close to a busy road. When the finders went up to her, she did not show any aggression. When she arrived at Wildlife Haven Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, she was weak and couldn’t eat.

After her exam, it was determined that she had two fractures: one in each wing. Her X-rays also revealed that there were two or three small metal pieces in her abdomen. Our vets suggested that she could have been shot out of the sky and fell onto the road, or she could have eaten some lead fishing line weights at the bottom of a pond leading her to stumble in the danger of the road. The suspected lead poisoning was the most probable, but we couldn’t be sure until tests came back.

No matter the diagnosis, this Canada goose had no energy to bring herself to eat. Luckily, we were able to provide EmerAid Intensive Care Omnivore to supplement her until she was capable of eating on her own. When she was stable, she was transferred to Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge for surgery and further investigation on the lead poisoning.