Ironside Bird Rescue; Cody, Wyoming

Golden eagleThank you for producing a life-saving diet

I received a 6-month-old, male golden eagle, weighing only 5 lbs (2.27 kg), on the brink of death. His mouth was almost completely plugged with frounce (trichomoniasis) so he was unable to swallow even the smallest amount of food. Luckily I was able to tube him with EmerAid Carnivore.

This was the worst case of starvation I’ve had that has survived, and in my opinion, this was only due to your diet. Well, that and my getting up every day at midnight for one of his four daily feedings! Thank you for producing such a life-saving diet. I will continue to use it on any bird that comes in debilitated and will readily recommend it to other rehabbers.

— Susan Ahalt, Ironside Bird Rescue; Cody, Wyoming