EmerAid Gives Marco The Rabbit Nourishment To Survive An Abscess

Marco the rabbit eats EmerAid from spoonThe following story was shared by Sherman and Lynette Kwock, who care for Marco.

Last year, our rabbit Marco developed an abscess in his jaw area. The surgeon who discovered it said the recommended course of treatment would be to cut open the area and clean it out. However, he also said that it was a very invasive procedure, and he would not recommend it for our elderly rabbit. The best that could be done would be to treat with antibiotics.

The issue would be if we could give Marco enough food and nourishment so that he did not become weak. What would get him would either be not eating enough or the abscess eventually. He refused other supplements, but our vet had a sample of your EmerAid  Sustain Herbivore. Marco loved it, so in order to keep him going, we tried an order of Sustain. He gobbles it up and eats four times a day, sometimes five.

Another note about Marco: He is always getting his teeth trimmed. He cannot eat well after his trim. It takes up to a week for him to recover. Whatever amount of Sustain he can consume helps him survive this difficult time.

Marco’s Status Today

After his initial diagnosis, the vet team decided to treat him with massive daily injections of human antibiotics, because they could not operate. This being said, he only weighed 1,670 grams (about 3.6 pounds) at the time.

He was kept on the treatment for a little over ten months. The medical lab was shocked when they found out that he was on this treatment for so long. Usually three to four months is standard. They were surprised his little body could survive such an intense amount of medication.

Now we are at a crossroads, his vet is strongly considering an oral antibiotic. The question will become if it will upset his stomach to the point where he refuses to eat. We may have to resort to massive doses of probiotic enzymes to settle his stomach and encourage appetite. He has outlived his initial prognosis, due in large part to your Sustain product.