Canines Claire & Luna

The following story was shared by Peggy.

Two of my dogs, Claire, our approximately 10-year-old Great Dane, and Luna, our approximately 13-year-old Collie, have difficulty eating.

Claire has a very sensitive stomach and for that reason she eats a dry gastrointestinal formula food. The slightest change to her diet — adding canned food, treats, a different brand of food, or meds — causes her to have diarrhea. Currently, she takes an antibiotic twice a day to help her with her stools. I also give her Pepcid 90 minutes prior to either eating or her meds. When she ate, she picked at her food and sometimes didn’t eat at all. It was very difficult keeping weight on her.
Luna Clairer
She has a very poor appetite. A veterinarian, Dr. Diana Huang, suggested EmerAid powdered food as a supplement, and Claire has been enjoying her food once again. What used to take half an hour to get her to eat, now takes five minutes. We are gradually moving up with the scoops. Currently, two blue scoops on her two cups of dry food and no problem with her stools.

Luna, our male Collie, is suffering from degenerative myelopathy. He doesn’t have much longer to live (paralysis) as he is getting weaker and weaker. He also lost a lot of weight, but the old man is perking up at breakfast and dinner because of your wonderful powder. He, too, is a picky eater, but with your supplement, he now eats in about 5 minutes. It used to take him 30 minutes even with canned food on his dry.
Luna Claire
Other high-calorie, recovery foods that we tried have not been palatable for them and resulted in diarrhea; your food does neither!

I hope the vet, specifically hospitals, start stocking your product for their patients, as it will give the dogs another option if they don’t like what they usually have on hand.

I can’t thank you and my doctor enough for having your wonderful product. I would just be struggling along with two old, picky dogs.