Aphid The Foster Dog Gains Much-Needed Weight Thanks To EmerAid

Chihuahua mix dog on yellow blanket on vet tableChihuahua mix dog sitting on pink blanket on bedThe following story was shared with us by the Nevada Humane Society.

Aphid the foster dog arrived at the Nevada Humane Society suffering from severe health and weight issues. She also had dental issues and a collapsing trachea. She weighed only 3.4 pounds and had a body condition score of 3 (thin).

The treating veterinarian placed Aphid on EmerAid IC Canine. She enjoyed it and had no issues eating the diet. Her dental problems necessitated giving her the EmerAid in more of a liquid form in small portions, 4 or 5 times a day.

After a little less than two weeks, Aphid weighed-in at 4 pounds, a 17% weigh gain, and her body condition score was upgraded to 4 (lean). After six weeks, her body condition score hit 5 (ideal).