Red-Shouldered Hawk Receives Help For Many Health Issues

red-shouldered-hawk held in handsThe following story was shared with us by the Audubon Center For Birds Of Prey in Florida.

This immature red-shouldered hawk was admitted from Kissimmee, Florida. In the initial exam we found that the bird was dehydrated, emaciated, and weak. The patient also presented with a fractured left clavicle and a torn left eyelid.

After completing the blood work and fecal test on the patient, we also discovered that he had a low white blood count, Haemoproteus (a genus of blood parasites in birds), as well as flukes and coccidia.

chart of keel condition and weight for injured red-shouldered hawkThis patient was given EmerAid IC Carnivore for the first several days of its treatment until it was able to digest solid food. The bird’s initial weight was 415 grams (about 14.6 ounces) and the weight at time of release was 640 grams (about 1.4 pounds).