Osprey Overcomes Trauma, Parasites, And Low Weight

osprey held in gloved handsThe following story was shared with us by the Audubon Center For Birds Of Prey in Florida.

two x-rays of ospreyschart of osprey keel condition and weightOur first case study was an osprey that came to us from Orlando, Florida. It was a fledgling, and its initial exam revealed that it was thin, had a fractured keel, and blood in the ear.

After performing a fecal test we found flukes, roundworms, and eimeria (parasitic protozoa). Its weight upon intake was 1,050 grams (about 2.3 pounds).

This patient was given EmerAid IC Piscivore three times a day for the first week of its treatment. Its weight at release was 1,445 grams (about 3.2 pounds).