Mallard Duck Rescued From Snowbank

The following story was shared by Wildlife Haven Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

mallard duckThis male mallard duck was found by a Canadian postman in late December. The mallard was fully immersed in a roadside snowbank with only the wing tips exposed. It is assumed that the duck was resting on the ground when a snowplow went by throwing a blanket of snow over him. Luckily, the postman dug him out and brought him to Wildlife Haven Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

When he came in he was very docile, dehydrated, and starving. The duck was a good body weight, but his excrement showed that he hadn’t eaten in a while, and he wouldn’t eat on his own. We put hydration under the skin, and we tube-fed EmerAid Intensive Care Omnivore. With the EmerAid, he soon had enough energy to eat and drink on his own and regain his energy. When he was strong enough to fly, he was released.