House Sparrow Suffers Injury After Hitting Window

The following story was shared by Wildlife Haven Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

house sparrow being hand-fedThis house sparrow hit a resident’s window and was left for a couple hours. His brain began to swell, and he was left in an unbalanced, thrashing state. He did not know which end was up and struggled to fly away or walk. He was not able to scavenge for food or fly to water.

When he was brought to Wildlife Haven Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, he was in very poor condition. He was exhausted and limp. He would voluntarily open his mouth, so hydration was provided by mouth and anti-inflammatory medicine was administered with the EmerAid Intensive Care Omnivore to reduce the swelling. Having EmerAid made it easy to administer the small amount of medication that this 27-gram bird needed.

After the course of medication, the house sparrow started to eat on his own. He still had a head tilt, but he was able to fly. His head tilt disappeared with time, and he was released the upcoming spring.