Emaciated Turkey Vulture Makes A Comeback

turkey vulture standing in wood cageThe following story was shared with us by The Avian Conservation Center in South Carolina.

A severely emaciated turkey vulture was found in someone’s backyard in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, and brought to the Avian Conservation Center located in Awendaw, South Carolina. In addition to being dehydrated, this turkey vulture was at risk of re-feeding syndrome due to his state of emaciation. This meant introducing calories back very slowly to ensure we did not overwhelm his system.

The first 24 hours of care was focused on hydrating this bird with oral fluids. We then used dilute EmerAid Intensive Care Carnivore three times a day for two days, until he was able to handle full strength EmerAid. After one more day of EmerAid, he graduated to receiving a slurry that included chopped rat and EmerAid.

Eventually this bird was offered small meals of skinned food, multiple times a day, until we deemed he was stable enough to handle full meals. He was then moved outside to acclimate and regain flight strength until release!