A Chicken Coop Gets The Best Of A Bald Eagle

bald eagle collage showing exam and release close up of bald eagle beakThe following story was shared with us by Tri-State Bird Rescue in Delaware.

After this bald eagle was found trapped in a chicken coop, the injured raptor was transferred to our clinic for care.

This adult male had sustained a crop wound, abrasions on his head, neck, and keel, along with upper beak trauma and soiled feathers. The crop wound was surgically sutured by our wildlife veterinarian and all remaining wounds were treated appropriately. The bird was gavaged EmerAid Intensive Care Carnivore for a day prior to being offered his normal menu of prey items.

With professional medical care, a nutritious diet, rest, and exercise, the majestic bald eagle fully recovered and was ready to soar once more.