An Injured Bald Eagle Is Rescued Via Kayak And Rehabbed

bald eagle getting veterinary exam bald eagle in carrier bald eagle flying bald eagle being released after rehab The following story was shared with us by the Tamarack Wildlife Center in Pennsylvania.

In August, an adult, male bald eagle was found weak and sopping wet by the side of Elk Creek near Erie, Pennsylvania. Three women who were kayaking discovered the eagle in distress and notified the Game Commission.

The responding officer borrowed one of their kayaks to retrieve the bird. After being contained in a carrier, the eagle was transported by kayak back to the officer’s vehicle and then to Tamarack Wildlife Center. The women called this dramatic rescue “Operation Talon” and dubbed the eagle “Talon.”

Talon had symptoms of a concussion and a bruised wing, possibly from impact with a car. He weighed 3.3 kilograms (about 7.3 pounds). At our center, he was dried, hydrated, and given EmerAid Carnivore Care several times over the course of a day before transitioning onto solid food.

Once strong, he was moved to an outdoor aviary. Over time, he regained the stamina and strength needed for release. On October 18, weighing 4.1 kilograms (about 9 pounds), he was returned to Elk Creek for a picture-perfect fall release.