American Robin Gets Much-Needed Nutrients To Recover From Injuries

American robin on perch in cageThe following story was shared with us by the Progressive Animal Welfare Society in Washington State.

On July 1, the Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) received a sub-adult American Robin. The bird was emaciated on intake and had signs of paresis in its pelvic limbs.

We provided the patient tube feedings of EmerAid, mixing 3 parts EmerAid IC Omnivore and 1 part EmerAid IC Carnivore. The bird showed signs of improvement on this formula and was processing the formula well.

Having a diet that easily fits through a small tube is very important when dealing with emaciated songbirds, and EmerAid is so easy to use when tube-feeding. It really is a life-saver for emaciated passerines in need of an elemental diet.