“Hartwell is one lucky little 19 year old.  We have tried so many things to help him and your product was the first to help him put on a little much needed weight.

EmerAid is definitely helping Hartwell as he has gained 8 oz so is now 7 lbs. Although he has not been as active as he was when he was a young 18, he does have some days when he gets some happy feet and walks with a little lift in his step, which is great at his current age of 19 years and 5 months.

Here is a video of Hartwell last spring, playing with one of my younger ones, when he was a young 18 years old.  Hartwell is the one in his “man pants” with his jingle bells that help us hear him if he falls down.  I hope to get him feeling that good again once I he is on your food and can gain some strength back.” – Anne B.