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Very easy to use This was our first time using Emeraid. We found the product very easy to use—no lumps! (WRCNU used Emeraid Herbivore daily for the nutritional support of two young beavers. )
Buz Marthaler, Chairman, Board of Directors

Cartagena Paws Testimonial

I am a very proud user of your products for critically ill dogs

So far I have had great experiences with one of our dogs that had to undergo surgery. She had suffered a great deal beforehand and was completely emaciated and also suffering from ehrichiosis…For the first 2 days she was fed Emeraid HDN via syringe… [S]he now drinks Emeraid on her own and is eating other foods. It really works miracles.

–Maureen Cattieu, Founder and Director of Cartagena Paws

Cartagena Paws Testimonial
Golden eagle

Thank you for producing a life-saving diet

I received a 6-month old male golden eagle, weighing only 5 lbs (2.27 kg), on the brink of death. His mouth was almost completely plugged with frounce (trichomoniasis) so he was unable to swallow even the smallest amount of food. Luckily I was able to tube him with Emeraid Carnivore.

This was the worst case of starvation I’ve had that has survived, and in my opinion, this was only due to your diet. Well, that and my getting up every day at midnight for one of his four daily feedings! Thank you for producing such a life-saving diet. I will continue to use it on any bird that comes in debilitated and will readily recommend it to other rehabbers.

Susan Ahalt, Ironside Bird Rescue; Cody, Wyoming
Porcupine testimonial

Thanks for Emeraid Herbivore–Zola the Porcupine Loves It!

After being hit by a car, “Zola” the porcupine suffered serious injuries including fractured teeth, some damage to surrounding bone, and upper lip wounds. Her mouth was so sore that syringe feeding would have hurt her. When she was offered Emeraid Herbivore free choice, Zola lapped the diet up from a bowl–enthusiastically! Zola in now doing pretty well! Her teeth are growing back and her wounds are slowly healing.

Cher Button-Dobmeier, Abbe-Freeland Animal Sanctuary; Angelica, New York
Sheena Koeth, Turtle Survival Center Veterinary Care Manager testimonial

Exotic Emeraid has saved several critically endangered species

I use Emeraid products at the Turtle Survival Center, they have saved several of my critically endangered species! I have to gavage feed wild imports and confiscations, sometimes it’s the only way to get them through such a difficult time. I used Emeraid Omnivore and Emeraid Carnivore on one of my favorites, Cuora picturata (shown left) for many months, they are totally acclimated now!

Sheena Koeth, Turtle Survival Center Veterinary Care Manager
Rebecca Duerr testimonial

Dr. Rebecca Duerr on the use of Emeraid Piscivore during the “mystery goo” event at International Bird Rescue:

…Once transitioned onto Emeraid Piscivore, the birds stopped regurgitating and began doing much better…Emeraid Piscivore is very easy to make on demand in whatever volume is needed. It has a very fine texture and passes through feeding tubes easily. Of the approximately 6500 tube feedings these birds received in the first week of care prior to becoming reliable self-feeders, about half the total diet fed was Emeraid Piscivore.

All in all, Emeraid Piscivore served us very well in providing an easily-digested diet for the most critically emaciated birds, and helped us through a food supply crisis when we were having problems making less-expensive diet fast enough to feed hundreds of birds simultaneously. It was a great help in managing the care of the several hundred birds affected by this event and we will definitely use it again in the future.

Rebecca Duerr, DVM, International Bird Rescue
Duane Tom

Dr. Lafeber’s dedication to helping wildlife is exceedingly appreciated

His company’s research and development of products to meet the needs of different species has allowed us to provide better nutritional care for our critical patients. In particular, his Emeraid Carnivore and Piscivore products have helped a great many of our birds in their transition back to a normal diet. Very few companies dedicate time and effort into products for wildlife. The Lafeber Company goes a step above others in their support of those who care for these animals.

Read the Emeraid Wildlife Case Report authored by Dr. Tom.

Duane Tom, DVM, Director of Animal Care, California Wildlife Center

Very easy to use

This was our first time using Emeraid. We found the product very easy to use—no lumps!
(WRCNU used Emeraid Herbivore daily for the nutritional support of two young beavers. )

Buz Marthaler, Chairman, Board of Directors
falcon receiving Emeraid

A high quality, science-based intensive care diet
With all commercial convalescent diets previously used, I have encountered difficulties with some birds vomiting food or failing to maintain or gain weight…Whilst using Emeraid Carnivore for the past 18 months, no raptors vomited the diet after feeding, and the weights of all birds were maintained or increased.
Visit Optimizing Recovery and Outcome for more information.

Neil Forbes, BVetMed Dipl ECZM, FRCVS; Great Western Exotics
rabbit receiving Emeraid

Many rabbits and guinea pigs are too critical to be fed what is essentially ground pellets or hay

I have been very happy with Lafeber products…I am particularly pleased with the herbivore product…I often start critical rabbits and guinea pigs on Emeraid Herbivore for 1-2 days, and then transition back to a normal diet. I have seen several cases respond more rapidly than I’d otherwise anticipate with Emeraid, perhaps due to the ease of passage through the pylorus and ease of digestion.

Simon Starkey, BVSc, Ph.D, Dipl. ABVP (Avian); The Center for Avian & Exotic Medicine
Tim Reichard, DVM

I find Emeraid easy to use

I regularly instruct owners on its use. Often times I have owners supplement the regular diet with Emeraid.

Tim Reichard, DVM; Bird and Exotic Pet Wellness Center