International Bird Rescue; Fairfield, California

Rebecca Duerr testimonialDr. Rebecca Duerr on the use of EmerAid Piscivore during the “mystery goo” event at International Bird Rescue:

Once transitioned onto EmerAid Piscivore, the birds stopped regurgitating and began doing much better. EmerAid Piscivore is very easy to make on demand in whatever volume is needed. It has a very fine texture and passes through feeding tubes easily. Of the approximately 6,500 tube feedings these birds received in the first week of care prior to becoming reliable self-feeders, about half the total diet fed was EmerAid Piscivore.

All in all, EmerAid Piscivore served us very well in providing an easily-digested diet for the most critically emaciated birds, and helped us through a food supply crisis when we were having problems making less-expensive diet fast enough to feed hundreds of birds simultaneously. It was a great help in managing the care of the several hundred birds affected by this event and we will definitely use it again in the future.

– Rebecca Duerr, DVM