“Your product was the first to help him put on a little much needed weight.”

“Hartwell is one lucky little 19 year old.  We have tried so many things to help him and your product was the first to help him put on a little much needed weight.

EmerAid is definitely helping Hartwell as he has gained 8 oz so is now 7 lbs. Although he has not been as active as he was when he was a young 18, he does have some days when he gets some happy feet and walks with a little lift in his step, which is great at his current age of 19 years and 5 months.

Here is a video of Hartwell last spring, playing with one of my younger ones, when he was a young 18 years old.  Hartwell is the one in his “man pants” with his jingle bells that help us hear him if he falls down.  I hope to get him feeling that good again once I he is on your food and can gain some strength back.” – Anne B.

In just under two weeks, Aphid’s weight had jumped to 4 pounds, a 17% gain!

This story was shared by the Nevada Humane Society.

When Aphid came to the care of the Nevada Humane Society, she was suffering from severe health and weight issues along with a collapsing trachea and extreme dental issues. At the time the treating veterinarian placed Aphid on the EmerAid diet, her weight was 3.4 pounds and body condition score was 3 (thin). 

Aphid had no issues with eating EmerAid and enjoyed the flavor right away. Because of her dental issues, it was given to her as more of a liquid form, about 4 or 5 times a day in small portions. In just under two weeks, Aphid’s body condition score was a 4 (lean). By six weeks, Aphid’s body condition score was up to a 5 (ideal)!

It was a life saver. He ate it every single time while he was refusing other things

“My dog Justice mysteriously practically went into liver failure about two weeks ago and had to spend five days in the veterinary emergency care hospital. When he came out, it was very difficult to get him to eat and he didn’t want to take his pills. I had a bag of EmerAid on hand as Justice has had issues with eating in the past (they believe it could be chronic pancreatitis). I just put the powder and water in a mixing bowl and made it into a paste, chilled it and then rolled it into little balls. We put his pills into the balls as he wouldn’t use any of the pill-hiding products. He ate it every single time while he was refusing other things. It was a life saver. My husband and I are so grateful — I’m always going to keep this on hand.” 

Melissa Kauffman, Executive Editor, Dogster magazine

Rico could not eat on his own and is now bright, alert, and active

This story was shared by Best Friends Animal Society, Kanab, Utah.

Attached are photos of Rico, a cat and patient of the Clinic at Best Friends Animal Society. Rico presented with a fever and open-mouth breathing. After several days of treatment, Rico still was not eating enough to sustain life, so a feeding tube was placed. He was fed EmerAid Sustain HDN Feline (15 milliliters per feeding) four times a day.

Rico is now bright, alert, and active. He purrs when you talk to him, gives head butts to the cage, and loves life again ─ thanks to EmerAid!

Mrs. Crinkles the elderly cat refused to eat

This story was shared by Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah.

Mrs. Crinkles is an elderly, tiny, lady cat who had horrible dental disease. On June 22, 2018, she was anesthetized for an emergency dental exam in which it was determined all her teeth needed extraction. Afterward, she still refused to eat because of the remembered pain she had experienced with her bad teeth. She did not want anything to touch her mouth ever again. She was losing weight fast, and we thought we might lose her. She weighed only 5.29 pounds (2.40 kilograms).

Four days after extracting her teeth, we inserted a feeding tube so she could receive nutrition and medications while her mouth healed.
Then something unique and a little crazy happened — Mrs. Crinkles fell in love with the feeding tube. She seemed to understand that the good feeling she was experiencing was coming from the good food she received. It took three full months for her mouth to recover and for Mrs. Crinkles to forget that her mouth used to hurt. We pulled the tube out in mid-September.

She now weighs 6.35 pounds (2.88 kilograms), eats like a little champ, and totally enjoys life. If it had not been for EmerAid Sustain HDN Feline making her feel so good, this story might have a different ending.

EmerAid saved Penny with megaesophagus

The following story was shared by Liberty, who cares for Penny.

I have a dog with megaesophagus, and in one of the online support groups Karen from Upright Canine Brigade posted she had some samples of EmerAid Sustain HDN Canine. She kindly gave me some to try out. Penny always struggles with weight gain and lack of nutrition because of her megaesophagus. I am so amazed at how wonderful these products are. My girl gained 4 pounds because of them! You don’t understand how much that is and how grateful I am. I even sent some samples to someone else I know with a megaesophagus dog. They almost had to put their dog down, but they tried the products and now I believe their dog has gained 6 pounds! You literally saved their baby’s life! I can’t believe it actually worked. We will definitely try and purchase some more. We are so amazed. Thank you so much!

I have used EmerAid a few different ways now to help Penny. I first tried it mixed in with her slurry-type food, then I tried just mixing with water as it shows. Penny can only have slurry foods, so I mixed the powder with more water and she loved it. She was going absolutely crazy! I also loved that it was working. She was gaining weight and actually maintaining it. That doesn’t happen!

I was definitely so happy that I found this product. I honestly hadn’t heard of it, which is really sad and sucks, because all I think about is how bad Penny had gotten because of her megaesophagus. We even had to make an appointment to put her down because she was in such bad shape. I’m so unbelievably grateful that I didn’t go through with it and that she’s now way better.

I think about all the other dogs with megaesophagus that had to be put down for their lack of weight and nutrition, and I wish they could have at least tried EmerAid, because it really worked for Penny. I truly believe it could work for other megaesophagus animals! I’m so thankful you guys make a product like this that can actually work for animals. Thank you so much!

One of my cousins is in vet school, about to become a vet, and I absolutely love telling her about products that have worked so that she can pass the message along. I will definitely be telling her and everyone else I know about this product.

Via feeding tube, Geraldine gained weight

This story was shared by Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah.

Geraldine, an adult cat, arrived at Best Friends Clinic in early November 2017. She was part of an overcrowded feral cat colony noticed only because her face was covered with dried mucus and her eyes were nearly matted shut.

She was brought to Best Friends Clinic via a Community Cat Program to be either euthanized or treated. After exam, it was decided that we would try to treat her.

She was initially diagnosed with dental disease, being underweight, and having an upper respiratory infection and a lingual ulcer. In late November, she was given anesthesia to assess the oral cavity and, due to severe dental disease, she required all of her teeth to be extracted. Sadly, she was diagnosed with yet another problem: stomatitis, which is severe inflammation of the mouth and gums.

To make matters worse, in December 2017, she tested positive for the FeLV virus. However, she gained strength and was discharged from the Clinic to go and live at CalMar. CalMar is a building in Best Friends Cat World dedicated to the care of only FeLV positive cats. The building was created to provide a loving and supportive “home” to these special cats that would otherwise most likely be euthanized.

However, at CalMar, she developed diarrhea and started hair pulling. In March 2018, she developed a fever and was admitted back to the Clinic. It was observed at the Clinic that her mouth was very inflamed and, because of that, she was not eating well. A feeding tube was placed, and Geraldine started on EmerAid Sustain HDN Feline.

Now, with EmerAid, Geraldine has gained weight and changed into a beautiful, dainty cat with gorgeous eyes. This former feral colony cat is now a loving lady cat finally beginning to enjoy life.

Nothing else worked for my senior kitty

I have a senior kitty and she has always been a little frail. A few months ago she had dropped a significant amount of weight in a short time and slowed down her eating… I went into a panic. I saw information on your Sustain HDN Feline and tried it. Almost immediately she rebounded and began to take to the Sustain. I mixed it with her wet food as well as a few other food items. But the wet food was her favorite I was so happy that she began to respond to it. Within 2 weeks she had gained almost a lb. which is remarkable for her. Nothing else worked for her I feel this Sustain helped save her and make her stronger. Zoey thanks you and so do I!

No more diarrhea

Buddy the Beagle had hemorrhagic gastroenteritis (HGE) from who knows what. We could not seem to resolve his diarrhea, no matter what we tried: drugs, probiotics, etc. I gave him EmerAid Sustain HDN Canine only for a couple days, and now his poop is normal! I’m now weaning him back to real food… and he loves EmerAid Sustain HDN, too.

My senior kitty loves EmerAid

I got Olive as a kitty with her mother. Her mother was always low weight and wasted away at a too young age. When Olive started losing weight, I was so glad to have a product like this to help her. She gained 1 1/2 pounds! She is now 14 and very happy and healthy!