Helping Each Other

Porcupine testimonialWild animals do not have bank accounts, nor do they have owners with checkbooks.  Conservationists, veterinarians, biologists, and rehabilitators that work with wildlife face this reality every day.  We believe that each corporation has a responsibility to charitably help make the world a better place in some tangible way.

Emeraid LLC is a division of Lafeber Company. One of the ways Lafeber Company accomplishes this is through its conservation and wildlife work:

Lafeber Company offers its Emeraid products to PERMITTED wildlife rehabilitators with a 50% discount off of the veterinary price. *Valid for US and Canada only*

In order to qualify for this program, the rehabilitator must provide the following:

  1. A completed Wildlife Survey that can be filled out online below
  2. Copies of Federal and/or State Wildlife Permits, scanned and emailed to
  3. Provide at least 4 short stories (a paragraph or two)  within one calendar year of signing up (and 4 each year thereafter) to be used on the Emeraid website and Facebook page with photos and/or a video included
    • Include location and reason/condition for admission to hospital
    • Species, weight upon entry, age (baby, young adult or adult) and name of patient (if patient is named)
    • Which Emeraid product(s) were used and how
    • Weight (if possible) and condition when released

Additional Benefit to Rehabilitators: To earn $50 credit towards Emeraid purchases,

  1. Write an article that will be posted on It must provide the following:
    • 500-700 words in a layout similar to a case study
    • Photos of patient before and after
    • Emeraid Product having been used as a part of the protocol
    • Link to your website and/or social media if desired
    • Submit to
  2. Benefit to Rehabilitator
    • Each article will provide a credit of $50 to be applied toward future Emeraid purchases (equivalent of a 2Kg bag of Emeraid – rehab cost)

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any comments or questions at

Lafeber Company is also interested in collaborating with rehabilitators wishing to conduct research projects. Please send an email to Dr. Lafeber at