Grey Fox Vs. Jar

The following story was shared by Gold Country Wildlife Rescue in Auburn, California.

fox with its head stuck in plastic jarA grey fox got its head trapped in a plastic jar. It was captured by two of our rescue volunteers in Georgetown, California, and brought to our intake center in Auburn, California. The jar was removed, but the fox’s head had suffered some significant damage from trying to get the jar off. It had several wounds around its head and neck that were maggot-infested, and the fox was very emaciated. It weighed in at 1,600 grams (about 3.5 pounds) on intake.

We treated the fox’s wounds and provided the fox with subcutaneous fluids for several days, as well as providing it with antibiotics and pain medication. We also placed ointment on its wounds to help with the healing process. We provided diluted EmerAid Intensive Care Carnivore as a main source of nutrition for a few days until it was more stable and more whole foods could be introduced. We then made the transition from EmerAid to mice by offering both at first, and then offering less EmerAid each time until the fox was able to eat a more natural diet of mice, nuts, veggies, and bones.

The fox made a quick recovery. It was in our care for only three weeks before being released. Upon release the fox weighed 2,600 grams (a little more than 5.5 pounds). It gained 1,000 grams from start to finish in our care.