The following story was shared by Liberty, who cares for Penny.

I have a dog with megaesophagus, and in one of the online support groups Karen from Upright Canine Brigade posted she had some samples of EmerAid Sustain HDN Canine. She kindly gave me some to try out. Penny always struggles with weight gain and lack of nutrition because of her megaesophagus. I am so amazed at how wonderful these products are. My girl gained 4 pounds because of them! You don’t understand how much that is and how grateful I am. I even sent some samples to someone else I know with a megaesophagus dog. They almost had to put their dog down, but they tried the products and now I believe their dog has gained 6 pounds! You literally saved their baby’s life! I can’t believe it actually worked. We will definitely try and purchase some more. We are so amazed. Thank you so much!

I have used EmerAid a few different ways now to help Penny. I first tried it mixed in with her slurry-type food, then I tried just mixing with water as it shows. Penny can only have slurry foods, so I mixed the powder with more water and she loved it. She was going absolutely crazy! I also loved that it was working. She was gaining weight and actually maintaining it. That doesn’t happen!

I was definitely so happy that I found this product. I honestly hadn’t heard of it, which is really sad and sucks, because all I think about is how bad Penny had gotten because of her megaesophagus. We even had to make an appointment to put her down because she was in such bad shape. I’m so unbelievably grateful that I didn’t go through with it and that she’s now way better.

I think about all the other dogs with megaesophagus that had to be put down for their lack of weight and nutrition, and I wish they could have at least tried EmerAid, because it really worked for Penny. I truly believe it could work for other megaesophagus animals! I’m so thankful you guys make a product like this that can actually work for animals. Thank you so much!

One of my cousins is in vet school, about to become a vet, and I absolutely love telling her about products that have worked so that she can pass the message along. I will definitely be telling her and everyone else I know about this product.