Bald Eagle

The following story was shared with us by Buz Marthaler at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah.

bald eagle standing on blanketAn adult male bald eagle was brought into the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah in Ogden by Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. He had a fractured furcular (commonly known as a wishbone) and weighed just 7.46 pounds (3,386 grams). He was extremely dehydrated, thin, and weak. He had been observed on the ground for at least three days before being rescued. The officer who rescued him stated that he “was able to just walk up and pick him up.”

Due to his debilitated state, he was administered hydration subcutaneously and orally for the first 12 hours and then started on EmerAid Intensive Care Carnivore. His condition improved quickly. After a week his weight reached 7.72 pounds (3,500 grams), and we were able to start providing him with whole foods. On this regimen, he gained strength and recovered from his debilitated state very rapidly. This was very important and allowed us to take a more hands-off approach aiding the healing of the fractured furcular.

After six weeks in our care, this bald eagle made a full recovery, reaching a final weight of 8.16 pounds (3,700 grams) with an excellent set on the fracture. One week after his release, he was spotted back at his nest site accompanied by his mate.