EmerAid is Emergency Aid

When sick or elderly animals can’t eat, can’t eat enough, are losing weight, or are slipping away, our critical care and recovery nutrition gives them strength to fight for life and regain lean muscle and body weight. The highly digestible ingredients combine with cutting-edge science to give beloved companions or wildlife the greatest chance to live longer and stronger. EmerAid is Life-Saving Nutrition.

The EmerAid powder mixes with hot water and is fed depending on the needs of the animal via feeding tube, syringe-feeding, hand-feeding, or sprinkling on regular food.

EmerAid was created to save animals and to help them live longer and stronger

EmerAid began in 1985 when our founder, Dr. Lafeber, Sr., created EmerAid I and EmerAid II for veterinary use to help save sick birds. Veterinary professionals across the country were amazed at how many birds they were able to save using EmerAid.

To save more animals, we created Intensive Care Omnivore, Herbivore, Carnivore, and Piscivore that cover a broad range of exotic and wildlife animals. All Intensive Care formulas are for veterinary or professional use. Herbivore Sustain was then introduced for pet owners to use at home for herbivores who have trouble eating or digesting, or who are recovering from an illness or surgery.

In 2015, after four years of research, we launched our Intensive Care HDN (Highly Digestible Nutrition) and Sustain HDN for dogs and cats. As with the EmerAid for exotic animals, veterinary professionals and owners are astonished at how our nutrition saves dogs and cats and helps them live longer and stronger.

We are a small, family business in Illinois, USA

We are a third-generation, family business owned by veterinarian, Dr. Ted Lafeber. His deep concern for the lives of animals motivates him to create state-of-the-art emergency foods. He works with a team of top veterinary professionals, nutritionists, and rehabilitators to create the optimum mix of ingredients.

EmerAid foods are made in the countryside of Illinois, USA, on Dr. Lafeber’s great grandfather’s farm. Everything is prepared in small batches, with human-grade and non-GMO ingredients, to ensure tight quality-control of our Life-Saving Nutrition.

EmerAid Mission:

Two Generations of Veterinarians Caring and Working for the Health of Animals through Advanced Nutrition, Exceptional Quality, and Education.

EmerAid Core Values:

Love of Animals

We care for the lives and well-being of animals and help foster deep connections between them and their companions.


We are helpful with those we interact with.

Exceptional Quality

We adhere to the highest standards and best practices to craft sustainable and nutritious food for animals.


We know that by making small improvements each day, better and better food will always be created, and this honors animals who depend on us.

Customer Happiness

We strive to make our human and animal customers happy through excellence in all that we do.

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