Helping Each Other

Porcupine testimonialWild animals do not have bank accounts, nor do they have owners with checkbooks.  Conservationists, veterinarians, biologists, and rehabilitators that work with wildlife face this reality every day.  We believe that each corporation has a responsibility to charitably help make the world a better place in some tangible way.

Emeraid LLC is a division of <a href=””>Lafeber Company</a>. One of the ways Lafeber Company accomplishes this is through its conservation and wildlife work:  Lafeber Company offers its Emeraid products at 1/2 price for conservation and wildlife use so more animals can be saved.

What Lafeber Company asks in return is scientific and experiential information regarding feeding protocols (e.g., what works well and what does not). The hope is to gather both scientific and anecdotal information at a national level so that the shared information can save more animals. Tell us about you, the animals you care for, feeding concerns, etc. This will help us address your needs as wildlife rehabilitators.

Lafeber Company is also interested in collaborating with rehabilitators wishing to conduct research projects. Please send an email to Dr. Lafeber at

To qualify for the 50% discount on life-saving Emeraid and equipment, please fill out the form below and submit copies of your Federal and State Wildlife Permits via email to or fax at 800-932-3341.